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Barf Dog Food Diet

Biologically Appropriate Raw Food

What is BARF Dog Food?

The natural way to feed your dog.

Advocates say the BARF diet will maximise your pet’s health and life span.

It’s the most natural way to feed your dog – an animal that’s not evolved to cook – and is designed to feed your pet with the utmost care and attention to detail.

Barf dog food provides an alternative raw diet designed to give dogs a natural home-made diet that consists of muscle meat and raw meaty bones, as well as vegetables and fruits while eliminating all processed foods.

Primal Food Supplies recipes: raw muscle meat, seasonal veg & berries, Offal, Taggart salmon oil, Islander Rathlin kelp, raw edible bone, vegetable liver, seeds, and fruit blend in a perfectly balanced portion.

We do not add supplements, believing that all the raw materials we use already contain the nutrients your dog needs.

Perfectly balanced protein, fat, fibre, vitamins and minerals in one meal. All our recipes are free from added preservatives, flavours, colours and added sugar.